The following services use your TrojanPass ID. By changing your password you will also change the password for these services:

What is a TrojanPass ID?

A TrojanPass ID provides students and employees with access to several different services using the same set of credentials for Canvas, e-mail, Trojan Web Express and more.

First-Time Users

First-time users are students and employees that already have a TrojanPass ID (access to e-mail and Trojan Web Express) but have not yet created a TrojanPass profile. Valid first-time users will already have an account in the system but have not gone through the required steps to create a profile. The profile creation process provides our system with alternative verification methods that can be used to send you information required to reset your password.

Returning Users

As a returning user you will have an existing profile and, via TrojanPass, the ability to reset your password using the alternative verification methods that you provided during the profile creation process.

Why do I need to setup a profile?

By creating a profile you will have the ability to reset your password on your own. Without a profile you must contact the Helpdesk or the support number for assistance, which may take longer. Your TrojanPass profile gives you the ability to more quickly resolve password issues.

New users must setup a TrojanPass profile in order to access the system and use it to change a password.

You must setup your profile even if you already have a Trojan Web Express account and do not have any password issues.

In order to setup a profile go to TrojanPass, select the new user setup link (Go to Setup Tool) and then follow the instructions provided.

You must know your TrojanPass ID, which is the same as the first part of your e-mail address before the '@' symbol. For example, if your e-mail address is then your TrojanPass ID is yourname.

How often can I reset my password using TrojanPass?

You can reset your password as often as is needed but only once within the same 24-hour period. If you need to have your password reset again within this amount of time please use one of the support options indicated below.

What if I don't have a profile setup AND I don't know my password?

You will need to know your current password in order to setup a profile. If you do not know your password please refer to the support information provided below. However, once you have setup a profile you will be able to reset your password on your own even if you forget it.


Create or Update Profile